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pulaksenSINCE the time India introduced its open sky policy which resulted into tremendous growth for the sector, the Indian aviation industry has been talking about need to develop a strong MRO base within the country. Though most results forecast steady growth for the Indian aviation sector, no one can overlook the necessity to have a better MRO facility within the country if India wants to see a sustainable growth for the sector.  

Unfortunately, not much work has been done in that direction. Though India currently has some MRO base but those are mainly due to individual efforts made by respective airline companies who set up their own MRO & Engineering facility to support their own fleet. Still majority of MRO works are done outside India. There are a handful of Indian-grown MRO companies like AirWorks or Max Aerospace who offer MRO facilities within the country. But it's been very challenging for those domestic companies to establish themselves in the competitive worlds plunged by unfriendly taxation and government policies.

These are the issues came up strongly when we organized the first ever MRO India 2011 exhibition and conference in Mumbai earlier this year. That's the time we felt that organizing just a conference may not be a good enough initiative to address the long standing issues associated the MRO industry in India. And that's how the idea of MRO Association took birth.

The response was tremendous and very quick when we communicated the idea of forming an association. And within quick span of time we have managed to form the country's first association called 'MRO Association of India.'  However, we see this is a small but strong beginning to reach a larger goal.

The aim behind the association will be to function as a “Working Group” that will facilitate and support the government in streamlining the overall industry framework in order to provide an added boost in developing the Indian aerospace MRO sector.  With a stronger focus on this sector, both the national and state governments would benefit significantly, which would translate into higher revenue for the Indian economy and thereby enhance Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.

All the major MRO players both Indian as well as foreign ones who are working in India have extended their strong support for the cause. But we need support from all the stake holders to achieve our goal.

Hope the industry is listening!


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